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Entrance to Origin Cave

Origin Cave, more commonly referred to as the Pit of Despair or the Waterfall Caverns, is the name of a cave system that is located underneath the Origin. Its entrance is located on Origin Island at around (21, 72, 54). The entrance to the Origin Cave has a waterfall that flows into it, which makes it a very good cave system to start out in, as it requires no use of ladders initially. The cave system branches and rebranches, eventually reaching almost the bedrock level as part of the natural cave system. The Quarry is only a short walk to the west of the cave system.


The first few passages of the cave have plenty of coal and iron. Several veins of Gold, Lapis Lazuli, and Redstone are visible in the deeper branches of the cave.

Redstone VeinsEdit

Gold VeinsEdit

Lapis VeinsEdit

Diamond VeinsEdit


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